Intuit Quickbooks Online

Make it easy for your customers to pay

How Quickbooks Online and eTreem® work together


  • Seamlessly connect to QuickBooks Online in minutes.
  • No technical expertise required. eTreem is designed for businesses of all sizes.
  • Secure and reliable. Peace of mind your data is safe.

Ease of Use

  • Automatically synchronizes your customers, invoices, and payments.
  • Reduce errors and improve accuracy.
  • eTreem is tightly integrated with QuickBooks Online.
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Streamlined cash application and reconciliation

  • Automatically apply payments to QuickBooks Online invoices.
  • Simplifies reconciliation.
  • Free your time to focus on growing your business.

Get Paid Directly From Your Invoice

Embed a “Click-to-Pay” URL in electronic sales
invoices, payment reminders, or any customer communication

click to pay

Reduces Days Outstanding

  • Improve Cashflow
  • Optimize Collections

Customer Login Not Required

  • A+ Customer Experience
  • Secure SaaS Cloud Based

Supports Credit Cards & eCheck Payments

  • Convenient Payment Choices
  • Funding Flexibility

Quickbooks Online Credit Card Platform

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Multi-User & Multiple Company Support

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Funding Direct To Your Bank Account

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Credit Card, Debit Card + eCheck Acceptance

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Card On-File Credit Authorization

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Single Platform, Multiple Merchant Accounts

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Interchange Level II & Level III Processing

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Virtual Lock

Quickbooks Online

Virtual Card Lock Box

Dedicated inbox receives all customers' virtual card payments


Manages payment, remittance & payor details

Applies remittance detail to open invoices

Integrates payments with QuickBooks Online