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 Payment Processing for CPAs

Partner With eTreem

Embrace the transformative potential of the QuickBooks Online for CPAs Partner Program with eTreem.
This partnership is tailored to equip you with advanced payment processing tools, not just for your practice, but primarily to elevate the services you offer to clients in the evolving accounting world.

eTreem® Partner Program: Professional Growth For CPAs

Embark on a journey of growth and expertise with our Partner Program. This program is specially designed to offer CPAs
a suite of payment processing services that elevate their professional capabilities.

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Simplified QuickBooks Integration

Effortless Sync, Maximum Efficiency
Help your clients integrate payment processing effortlessly with QuickBooks Online to simplify their payment processing and overall accounts receivable. Elevate your role to a trusted advisor by introducing eTreem to your clients for optimized accounts receivable efficiency and establish your expertise in payment processing.

Instant Financial Insights

Insights at Your Fingertips
Stay ahead with access to real-time payment data that aids prompt and informed decision-making for your clients.

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Streamlined Data Processing

Time-savings for Clients
Introduce automated accounts receivable features to your clients, minimizing errors and freeing up their time for strategic tasks.

How to Join eTreem’s Partner Program

Joining our Partner Program is a straightforward process. Follow the steps below for fast integration into our ecosystem:

Step 1

Connect with an eTreem team member by submitting a Learn More request

Step 2

Attend an introductory session to familiarize yourself with our platform and services.

Step 3

Seamlessly integrate your client’s QuickBooks Online accounts with eTreem.

Step 4

Enjoy the benefits of the program such as stronger relationships with your clients.

Why Partner With eTreem?

Partnering with eTreem offers a comprehensive advantage for both CPAs and their clients.

For CPA’s

Joining eTreem as a Certified Public Accountant unlocks a suite of benefits that enhance your professional efficiency.
You’ll experience streamlined payment processing and real-time access to accounts receivable data. This will significantly improve your workflow and your client’s cash flow management. This efficiency reduces errors and allows you to focus more on strategic advisory roles.

For Clients

Clients of eTreem partners enjoy a superior service experience.
Clients benefit from more accurate and efficient payment processes. Improved client experience can lead to increased client retention and referrals which contributes to the growth and success of your CPA profession.

eTreem’s Impact Across Industries

The QuickBooks Online for CPAs Partner Program with eTreem caters to a diverse range of client scenarios:

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Small Business Specialists

For CPAs who specialize in small businesses, our program offers customized tools and features that streamline payment processes. These solutions contribute to their client’s overall accounts receivable and thereby enhance business growth.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Whether you’re working in healthcare, technology, construction, or professional services sectors, the partner program provides specialized solutions. CPAs can leverage these tailored features for precise, industry-specific payment processing, reporting, and accounts receivable. This versatility enhances your ability to serve a varied client base.

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Connect With eTreem

If you’re ready to elevate your CPA practice, connect with eTreem today.