Simplified Accounts Receivable

How can eTreem decrease my days outstanding?

The eTreem platform makes it easy for customers to pay through an online portal and email reminders.

Does eTreem add extra steps to my invoicing workflow?
No, you keep your existing billing workflow, we simply make it faster and easier for your customers to pay.
What is automated accounts receivable?

Automated accounts receivable is a term used to describe solutions that automate manual accounting practices like collection and reconciliation, and eliminate costly double data entry and human error.

What are the benefits of automated accounts receivable?

Benefits of automated accounts receivables include; faster payment collection, elimination of manual practices, elimination of double data entry and human error, and reduced costs.


What does eTreem cost?
eTreem charges Cost-plus pricing. 
What is Cost-plus pricing?
Cost-plus pricing is a transparent pricing method and uses the actual cost for each payment from the card network and adds a per transaction fee.
How and when does eTreem charge me?
When you receive a payment, and only then, eTreem deducts the fee from the funds you receive. And since eTreem is integrated to your accounting system, fees are automatically recorded along with the deposits. Apart from that, eTreem is completely free to use throughout the entire process.
Do I need a merchant services account?
Yes, you will need a merchant services account to take advantage of the eTreem platform. The eTreem implementation team will guide you through the process.
Can I use my current payment processor?
No, you will need to use an eTreem merchant services account to take advantage of the eTreem platform and optimize transactions for the lowest cost.

Configuration, Installation, Servicing

Does eTreem offer a credit card terminal?
eTreem offers a variety of credit card terminals to fit your needs. Whether you need a stand-alone terminal for your countertop or an online terminal that you can use anywhere, we have you covered. Our terminals are easy to use and accept all major credit cards.
What ERP and Accounting platforms does eTreem work with?
eTreem will integrate with any ERP or Accounting platform. It does not matter what software you are using. We have a deep understanding of the different platforms on the market and can help you choose the right integration solution for your needs. Contact us today to learn more.
What payment methods does eTreem support?

eTreem supports all major credit cards, debit cards, and eChecks..

What's needed to get started with eTreem and how long will it take?
First you complete the underwriting process for each Merchant Services Account required and then we work with you to set up your eTreem account. The underwriting process typically takes 4 to 7 business days, and the setup process typically takes 1 to 7 business days depending on the complexity of your needs.
How Secure is eTreem?
Sensitive data is encrypted and/or tokenized and eTreem uses the highest forms of security to ensure PCI compliancy.