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Your clients need your guidance on where to go for processing payments.

Grow your practice by helping your clients simplify the accounts receivable process while reducing the cost of inbound payments.

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Why Partner with eTreem?

QuickBooks ProAdvisors and their clients benefit greatly from the accounts receivable payment processing tool from eTreem.

For ProAdvisors


Strengthened Client Relationships

By referring eTreem to your clients, you help them improve their accounts receivable processes and build trust in your partnership.


Value Added Consulting

By referring eTreem you are elevating yourself to a consultant level and establishing yourself as a subject matter expert.


Improved Cash Flow

With etreem, you are helping your clients improve their cash flow with lower Days Sales Outstanding while you may receive referral commissions.


Marketing Support

As a partner, eTreem will work with you to help promote good accounts receivable payment processing to your clients.

For Your Clients


Improved Accounts Receivable Process

eTreem helps your clients to improve their accounts receivable payment processing and reduce the time it takes to get paid and improve overall cash flow.


Increased Efficiency

With eTreem, your clients automate the accounts receivable process, which can save time, reduce workloads, and reduce errors.


Reduced Payment Costs

eTreem helps your clients improve their cash flow by reducing the cost to process inbound payments


Greatest Transparency

eTreem gives your clients visibility into their payment processing costs.

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Learn about partnering with eTreem today and start improving your client relationships, increasing efficiency, reducing errors, improving cash flow, and accessing real-time accounts receivable data.