Accurate and Efficient Automated Accounts Receivables

Automatically process remittance of your customer’s payments into your ERP Accounting systems.

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With eTreemTM you:

Streamline AR Processes

Maximize Labor Efficiency

Accurate AR Posting

Cut back on data entry errors

Real Time Cash Reporting

Speed up the time from payment to reconciliation

How it works

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How it works

How eTreem Works

Multiple ERP Accounting Integrations

We automatically process remittance of your customers’ payments into your cash receipts journal for:


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eTreemTM is part of  ACOM Solutions, Inc.  ACOM has enjoyed a long and successful history of developing, distributing, and supporting integrated B2B software solutions to mid-market businesses throughout the USA, Canada, and Europe.  Currently there are over 5,000 businesses utilizing ACOM products. Headquartered in Long Beach, California we also have offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Indianapolis, Indiana.

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