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Payment Processing for Accountants –
Partner with eTreem

Discover a new standard in payment processing – that transforms your practice through the added value you deliver to your clients.

eTreem® Partner Program: A Path to Enhanced
Professional Growth for Accountants

Embark on a journey of growth and expertise with our Partner Program. This program is specially designed to offer accountants
a suite of payment processing services that elevate their professional capabilities.

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Enhanced Client Trust

Empower Your Clients with Improved Processes
Introduce eTreem to your clients to streamline their accounts receivable operations. This fosters stronger trust and reliability in your professional relationship.

Consultative Expertise

Raise Your Professional Stature
By recommending eTreem, you position yourself not just as an accountant but as a consultative expert, enhancing your role as a trusted advisor in financial management.

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Optimized Cash Flow

Drive Financial Efficiency for Your Clients
Help your clients enhance their financial health with eTreem for improved cash flow management and reduced Days Sales Outstanding.

How to Join eTreem’s Partner Program

Joining our Partner Program is a straightforward process. Follow the steps below for fast integration into our ecosystem:

Step 1

Connect with an eTreem team member by submitting a Learn More request

Step 2

Attend an introductory session to familiarize yourself with our platform and services.

Step 3

Seamlessly integrate your clients’ QuickBooks Online accounts with eTreem.

Step 4

Enjoy the benefits of the program such as stronger relationships with your clients.

The Comprehensive Benefits of Partnering with eTreem

Partnering with eTreem offers a dual advantage — it enhances the professional capabilities of ProAdvisors and improves the financial management experience of their clients.

For Accountants

The integration of eTreem’s solutions with your expertise leads to improved client relationships. This improved client experience can lead to increased client retention and referrals. It can also contribute to the growth and success of your business.

For Clients

Clients of eTreem partners enjoy a superior streamlined payment processing experience. Your clients will have real-time access to accounts receivable data. This efficiency reduces errors and improves cash flow management.

eTreem® in Action: Key Use Cases

The eTreem QuickBooks Online for Accountants Partner Program is designed to meet a diverse array of accounting needs.

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Small Business Specialists

Our program offers tailored tools for accountants focusing on small businesses. It helps them manage and streamline payment processes, enhancing client relationships and business growth.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Whether it’s manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, or professional services, our program provides specialized solutions. Accountants can leverage industry-specific features for specialized, more accurate, and efficient payment processing.

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