Payment processing for

IBMi, iSeries, AS/400

Integrated card and eCheck payments with your legacy applications

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Payment Solutions Integrated Directly with your

ERP Accounting System

With eTreem’s IBMi, iSeries, AS/400 Payments solution, you can accept payments across all sales channels directly in your on-premise enterprise resource planning system—with optimized costs and fewer manual processes.

Streamline Payment Acceptance with eTreem

Your ERP is already home to the majority of your business’ operations. With eTreem, you can process payments inside your commercial or custom accounting software, saving you the trouble of moving information from one system to the other and helping you drive efficiency and cash flow.

Reduce manual AR processing

Save on payment processing fees

Accelerate payment collections

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Make it easy for your customers to pay

Embed a “Click-to-Pay” option in electronic sales invoices, payment reminders,
or any customer communication.

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Give your customers the ability to pay you right from the invoices you send from your IBMi, iSeries, AS/400 system. No disruption to your receivables process, no learning curve and you get paid faster!

Virtual Lock

Virtual Card Lock Box

  • Dedicated inbox receives all customers’ virtual card payments
  • iManages payment, remittance & payor details
  • Applies remittance detail to open invoices
  • Integrates payments with your accounting software

IBMi, iSeries, AS/400 Integrations

eTreem empowers you to completely integrate payment processing into your existing infrastructure. Whether a commercial ERP solution or custom built. No more chasing data across multiple systems and you don’t have to change your processes for sales, order entry, or fulfillment. Instead, add payments to your existing workflows and save time and expense on every transaction.