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Discover how partnering with eTreem’s QuickBooks Online for Bookkeepers can revolutionize the services you offer to your clients. Embrace tools and strategies that refine payment processing and automated accounts receivable that position your clients for impactful growth.

eTreem® Partner Program: Enhance Your Bookkeeping with QuickBooks Online

The eTreem QuickBooks Online for Bookkeepers Partner Program is thoughtfully engineered. Discover features that significantly enhance efficiency, accuracy, and satisfaction for your clients in your bookkeeping practice.

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Enhanced Client Consulting

Elevate your role to a trusted advisor by introducing eTreem to your clients for optimized accounts receivable efficiency and establish your expertise in payment processing.

Streamlined Cash Flow Management

Partner with eTreem to offer your clients advanced solutions for reducing Days Sales Outstanding, thereby optimizing their cash flow and potentially earning referral rewards.

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Collaborative Marketing Efforts

Join forces with eTreem to co-promote sophisticated accounts receivable solutions to enhance your service offerings and support your clients’ payment processing needs.

Join Our Exclusive Bookkeepers Partner Program

Step into a world of enhanced bookkeeping with our eTreem’s Partner Program. This program provides you with a suite of services that
elevate your ability to support your clients’ businesses effectively.

How To Join eTreem’s Partner Progrm

Joining our Partner Program is a straightforward process. Follow the steps below for fast integration into our ecosystem:

Step 1

Connect with an eTreem team member by submitting a Learn More request

Step 2

Attend an introductory session to familiarize yourself with our platform and services.

Step 3

Seamlessly integrate your client’s QuickBooks Online accounts with eTreem.

Step 4

Enjoy the benefits of the program such as stronger relationships with your clients.

The Dual Advantage of Partnering with eTreem

Partnering with eTreem offers a comprehensive advantage. It enhances the value of the ProAdvisor. It also improves the accounts receivable experience of their clients.

For Bookkeepers

Joining eTreem as a ProAdvisor unlocks a suite of benefits that streamline your bookkeeping processes.

You’ll experience enhanced efficiency through features like automated accounts receivable processes and error reduction. These features significantly improve your workflow and also allow you to extend greater value to your clients.

For Clients

Clients of eTreem partners also benefit immensely from this collaboration.
Clients will enjoy more accurate and efficient payment processes. This enhanced client experience often translates into higher client retention rates and new referrals, contributing positively to the growth and success of your bookkeeping business.

Diverse Applications of eTreem’s Bookkeeping Program

The QuickBooks Online for Bookkeepers Partner Program shines in its versatility. Here’s how it caters to a diverse range of bookkeeping scenarios:

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Small Business Specialists

Mastering Small Business Finances Made Easy
For bookkeepers specializing in small businesses, our program offers robust tools — from streamlined invoicing to efficient payment processing — to simplify accounts receivable and foster growth for their clients.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Tailored Expertise for Every Sector
Provide industry-specific functionalities for accurate accounts receivable in industries like construction, manufacturing, and professional services.

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