Intelligent B2B Receivables Platform

eTreem on different devices

Improve AR Accuracy

reduce costs

Reduce Your Overall Costs

Minimize Labor

Efficient Labor Utilization

Internal Controls

Establish Internal Controls


Quicker Processing

Reduce Cost

Improve Quality

Intelligent B2B Receivables Platform

Minimize manual process inefficiencies – Maximize savings

  • Real-time payments dashboard
  • Streamlined collections processing
  • Quickly handle payment delinquencies
  • Automated notifications and reminders
  • Identify problematic payers and payments
  • Mitigate and control financial risk

How the eTreem™ platform works

Your customers make payments just as they always have

Payments anomalies are collected for review & resolution

Virtual Card payments and remittances processed by eTreem

Customers can easily update contact information securely

Reconciled payments automatically applied to ERP accounting

Payment dashboards are
updated in real-time

Ease of Deployment

  • Fulll integration & configuration
  • Self-administered training

Scalable Platform

  • SaaS Cloud-Based
  • Secure data structure

Security & Privacy

  • Tokenization data theft prevention
  • Application level encryption

ERP Accounting Integration

We automatically process payments and remittances
from your customers directly into your cash receipts,
with no learning curve or changes to your accounting system

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Seamless integration with your accounting system to
streamline accounts receivable workflow and ensure accuracy

eTreem B2B Credit Card Platform

Multi-user & Multiple Company Support

Next Day Funding To Your Bank Account

Credit Card, Debit Card + eCheck Acceptance

Card On-File Credit Authorization

Single Platform, Multiple Merchant Accounts

Interchange Level II & Level III Processing

eTreem Virtual Card Lock Box

  • Dedicated inbox receives all customers’ Virtual Card Payments
  • iManages payment, remittance & payor details
  • Applies remittance detail to open invoices
  • Integrates payments with your AR/Billing system

Get Paid Directly From Your Invoice

Embed a “PAY NOW” or “Click-to-Pay” URL in electronic sales
invoices, payment reminders, or any customer communication

Reduces Days Outstanding

    • Improve Cashflow
    • Optimize Collections

Customer Login Not Required

    • A+ Customer Experience
    • Secure SaaS Cloud Based

Supports Credit Cards & eCheck Payments

    • Convenient Payment Choices
    • Next Day Payment Flexibility

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eTreem Intelligent B2B Receivables Platform