Accurate Reconciliation and Cash Flow with eTreemTM

eTreem on different devices

Improve AR Accuracy

reduce costs

Reduce Costs

Minimize Labor

Efficient Labor

Internal Controls

Establish Internal Controls


Quicker Processing

Reduce Cost

Improve Quality

Key Features

Accounts Receivables Automation Software

Learn how to streamline accounts receivables.

  • Custom portal with real-time payment dashboards
  • Streamlined collections
  • Identify delinquent customers and send automated due date reminders
  • Identify problematic payments
  • Custom portal with real-time payment dashboards

How the eTreemTM platform works

Your customers send all payment remittance to the eTreem platform

Payments received in paper form are scanned and forwarded to the eTreem platform

Reconciled payments are automatically applied to your ERP Accounting System.

Payments that require individual attention are collected for review and problem solving.

The payment dashboards are updated in real-time. 

All open invoices are available for customer review – No need to send duplicate invoices. 

Your customers can update their contact information on the web portal.

Ease of Deployment

  • Fulll integration & configuration
  • Self-administered training

Scalable Platform

  • SaaS Cloud-Based
  • Secure data structure

Security & Privacy

  • SOC-2 certification underway
  • PCI certification underway

Multiple ERP Accounting Integrations

We automatically process remittance of your customers’ payments into your cash receipts journal for:

eTreem Account Receivables Software